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The Witches of Salix Pointe

Witches and angels and demons, oh my! Something wicked this way comes, and Elisa & Tasmin are caught right in the middle. Is it all folklore...or is Salix Pointe harboring a dark and magical secret?

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Something Wicked This Way Comes

The Witches of Salix Pointe 2

Now that Tasmin Pettiford and Elisa Hunte have discovered they are witches, one would think life would be smoother for them. Unfortunately, it’s never that easy.

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A Weekend Affair 2: Back to Reality

By Noelle Vella

Was their weekend affair a mistake or was it the start of something beautiful?

When Gabby and Shell escaped to Tybee Island to get away from the drama in their lives, they never expected their weekend getaway to turn into a weekend affair with two men who turned their worlds upside down. Now, the fun and games are over. It’s time to get back to reality…and for these two best friends, reality is ugly.

All the Things I'm Missing at Home

By Nikki-Michelle

All the Things I’m Missing at Home is the story of two married couples and one hell of a sixth degree of separation.
Staci and Donovan haven’t been the same since tragedy wreaked havoc on their marriage. Staci is battling an addiction that Donovan stands no chance against. Since Donovan faults Staci for their farce of a marriage, he seeks solace elsewhere. Staci is left to find comfort in the arms of another.
Jerome and Sheila have been in love since college; however, Sheila has gone from a loving and devoted wife, to an all-around career woman. She no longer has time to show her husband love and affection. When a man’s fed up, he seeks love and affection in the arms of another woman.
When two couples’ worlds collide, and outside influences are at play, drama ensues in this sensual tale about addiction, adultery, deceit, and manipulation.



By Nikki Michelle

Saigon, skilled playboy and arrogant bastard, is a jack of all trades and he's mastered them all. He plays just as hard as he works, lives by his own rules, and once his clients break any of them, they're done. Defense attorney by day and well-paid Lothario by night, there is nothing and no one Saigon can't have. When his worlds collide and secrets come to light, Saigon may have to break his own rules in order to deal with the consequences of his actions.

Scandalous is smut at its finest. It comes with all the decadence and debauchery you can handle...or can you?

The (2) on the title page of the book is NOT because this is book 2. This is book is the 2nd edition of a previously published story. This book was was previously published as "Sexual Healing" in the anthology "Body Heat".

The Sojourner Falls Series by Nikki-Michelle & Kai Leakes

For two hundred years, it has been a safe haven for Black-Americans looking to escape the ills of racism. The once lively town used to boast of joyous times and festive holidays, but after years of bad economic downturns and tourist declines, the town was going under.

In book 1, see how Blade and Grace address the explosive connection that threatens to take them from frenemies to lovers while also trying to save their beloved town.

In book 2, Sojourner Falls has seen its fair share of drama, but nothing prepares the people of the town for the secrets that will be exposed this holiday season. But first, Dr. Hunter Martyn and Caridade "Charity" Percy must tie up a few loose ends from the past.

In book 3, the town was going under…until a twist of fate and the love of the Ancestors, turned things around in the small town. However, when the troubles Willow Tucker left behind follow her to Sojourner Falls, and not only threaten their happiness but also Willow’s life, she and Dr. Kamal Brookhaven must do all they can to make sure Willow and the town stay safe while also fighting an instant attraction that sets both their souls ablaze. 


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M1243 Everyone Knows but Me Cover File f
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